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For Mother’s Day one year, in lieu of a traditional gift, I sent my grandma a personalized card. It took some time to digitize my favorite throwback photos of us, but it was a fun and easy way to show my love and appreciation for her. It was like creating a mini-scrapbook of our time together.
But the best part was her reaction. Her caretaker told me she burst into in tears when she opened the card and read it over and over. And I’ll never forget the love and gratitude in her voice when she called to thank me.  That night, she brought the card to Mother’s Day dinner and passed it around to everyone in our family while beaming with pride.

Of all the thoughtful gifts I’ve given her through the years, from photo books of trips we’ve taken together, framing precious family photos, and video tributes on her milestone birthdays, this was, by far, the best thing I had given her. I didn’t know that it would be her last Mother’s Day, so I’m glad I took the time to create this token of my appreciation to let her know how much I love and appreciate all she’d done for me.  I was touched to find it among her treasured keepsakes after she passed.

My grandma and this card are my inspiration for creating Keepmake.com – the most thoughtful, meaningful, memorable gift doesn’t have to cost you anything; it’s ultimately about putting your heart and time into it.

Bà Ngoại, thank you for always believing in me and for all that you’ve taught me – I dedicate this new venture, Keepmake, my “passion project,” to you.

About Keepmake

We are the purveyors of thoughtful gifts, dedicated to helping you find truly personal gifts that are thoughtful and meaningful. We hand-pick the best products and online resources, makers, shops, and tools to make gifting more fun and meaningful. We inspire people to give gifts that are thoughtful, authentic, and lasting. From custom gifts and modern keepsakes, to DIY ideas and printables, let us inspire your next gift.

About Larissa

Larissa DinhPrior to launching Keepmake, Larissa started her career in the digital space as an online producer at NBC when the web was in its infancy in 1996 and worked her way up to developing consumer products for brands such as Yahoo!, NBC, Friendster and Evite. She lives in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, a small beach town just north of San Diego, with her husband and 4-year-old son. Her passions include digital crafting, going on train adventures with her son, and hunting for thoughtful gifts.

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