Here’s a fun and easy project in case you need a last minute, thoughtful gift.  Most people don’t have the time to curate, print and frame their fave pics – so this gift is always appreciated!  You can do everything offline – find a cute frame and print photos in an hour and voila!

1. Buy a Collage Frame

Umbra collage frames:  We loooove the ubiquitous Umbra frames – they’re modern, well-priced and FUN.  Plus you can find them at many local stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and through Amazon Prime

Malden collage frames:  These frames are classic, solidly built and reasonably priced, you can find on Amazon through Prime and locally at Kohls, Bed Bath Beyond and Target has similar classic collage frames.-

2. Download Their Photos from Instagram or Facebook


Download a single photo on Facebook:  Click on your friend’s photo and select Options in the menu bar that appears when you mouse over the image. Then click Download and select a save location for the resulting file. It’s a pretty simple and quick way to download photos.

Save an Instagram Photo:  Instagram doesn’t let you download their images.  BUT we’ve found an easy hack to save Instagram photos that doesn’t involve taking a screengrab, and best of all, you’ll get a higher quality version of the image. It takes a few extra steps and you’ll need to carefully follow Mashable’s detailed how-to.

3. Print photos locally

Best places to print photos.  Get your prints in one hour at your favorite local photo lab or big chain store.  We researched which chain had the best printing quality and experts recommend Walgreens (followed by Target and CVS). “The color and clarity of the prints was better than I expected, as was the thick paper for the 11-by-14 enlargements. You can get 4-by-4 and 8-by-8 prints of your Instagram photos, as well as Facebook photos…” NYTimes.

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