Why we love it:  We love the idea of repurposing a USB drive and filling it with personalized goodies like playlists and photos for your special someone, some favorite ideas we got from CNET – How to Turn a USB Drive into an Awesome Last-Minute Gift include:

  • A hand-picked playlist
  • Photos from the past year
  • Photo slideshow (you can make this in iMovie or Windows MovieMaker)
  • Your favorite recipes (in PDF format)

Perfect for:  Dads, moms, friends, birthdays, anniversaries – the perfect for last minute gift.

Helpful review:  “For my friend Ashley, I loaded the USB drive with a photo album of our best moments, a fun playlist (the modern-day burned CD), a personalized video, and a few of my favorite recipes.” – Sharon, CNet review

Product description:  The Cassette Tape USB Stick Flash Drive, 1 GB, 2.0 USB holds up to 250 average sized songs & power point slides (depending on megabites per slide), stores 250-1100 pictures (based on megapixal size)

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