We love these last-minute photo gifts you can make with the kids that dads, moms and grandparents will LOVE.  But best of all they don’t require too much effort on your part, just need supplies you likely already have.

‘I Love You’ Shadow Photo

You just need a poster board, exacto knife, the sun and the kids to create this super cute last-minute gift for Mom, Dad or any loved one.  If you only have one kid, here’s a how-to for a smaller sign.

Chalkboard Photo

Here’s an easy customizable gift you can make at the last minute.  Just need a chalkboard, you can find at most dollar craft stores, print the photos and add to a collage frame.

Make a Photo Collage

See our tutorial on creating a collage with their instagram photos, including where to print photos locally and buy a collage frame.

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