These fun and inspiring DIY kits help bring people together to make exciting, unique, and quality projects ranging from tasty cheeses and chocolates to kid-friendly crafts and sustainable soaps.


Grow & Make Crafting Kits

From truffles and hot sauce to goat milk candles, you’ll find a kit for everyone on your list. We love their company mission too: “It’s our intent to help consumers to lessen their impact while becoming inspired and excited to create.” An Amazon reviewer says: “Excellent kit that gave my boyfriend and I many hours of fun.” ($30-$80)

Global Grub DIY Kits

Recommended by Food & Wine Magazine: This isn’t just your typical gift. It’s an experience —  a cooking adventure in a box! From tamales to sushi kits ranging from ($10-30), you’ll find the perfect gift for those who like to cook, eat, and/or travel. These are also great for the people who are usually impossible to find gifts for!

UrbanCheesecraft Kits

Making your own fresh cheese is so easy with this kit!  There’s fresh mozzarella goat cheese, queso blanco, paneer, and more. Dairy-free cheese kits are also available. Perfect for foodies, cheese lovers, and beginner cooks.

Food Kits from Cultures for Health Kits

This company specializes in “natural products you can make at home.” They source high quality ingredients at a reasonable price and sell kits for making natural soap, yogurt, kefir, sourdough, kombucha, and more.  Kits start at $20.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Kits

As recommended by Thrillist, these beer-in-a-box kits are “the perfect gift for the hipster who loves DIY projects and is sick of tallboys.”  The kits are reusable and include the brewing equipment and ingredients for a one-gallon batch.  ($30-$40)


Crash Crush Craft Kits

These kits stand apart from the rest. You’ll make crafts that are modern, hip, and speak to the kind of designs we like to make, wear, display, and love.  A great gift for crafty teens and adults. ($15-30)

Brit + Co Activity Kits

From macramé planters to gold foil totes, you’ll be able to find a creative activity that suits their personal style at a budget-friendly price ($20 to $25). The best part is that they’re designed for beginners, so anyone can complete them! The perfect gift for teens or your favorite millennial.

Bath Bomb Making Kit

Great for bridal showers or mother and daughter crafting, an Amazon reviewer says it’s the best gift ever: “I got this kit for one of my best friends bridal parties. Everyone loved it so much that we ended up all making them together that afternoon! In fact, it was so easy to make and the essential oils smelled so incredible that I ended up purchasing another kit just for myself!” ($40)


Milestone Stepping Stone Kits

Create a stepping stone together, a fun and easy DIY project that brings you and your child together to create a meaningful keepsake for a loved one.  Use their hands and/or feet, be sure to mark the year to look back on.  Make it a tradition and create one every year. 

Klutz Activity Kits

We looooove gifting these kits.  Klutz is a premium brand of book-based activity kits, designed to inspire creativity in every kid.  These have been a hit over the years and we can’t wait to gift their new craft activity kits, especially this Mini Treat one.  How adorbs!  ($20-$30)

Seedling Kits 

As recommended by Momtastic:  “The latest collection of DIY kits from Seedling provide all the inspiration, instruction and materials for kids to create their own toys.” Perfect gift for kids ages 4-10!  Can’t wait till my son is old enough to create a wooden version of our family. ($12-30)

Make Your Own Kit

How adorable and FUN are these popsicle molds? Instead of buying a kit, create your own fun — you just need a popsicle mold, some good popsicle recipes, and the ingredients, and you’re set!  Zoku Pop Molds ($16-$19)

Find More DIY Kits

Best DIY Kits, Food & Wine Magazine:  From kimchi to hard cider, now anyone can take a crack at crafting their favorite food or drink. Companies like Blue Bottle Coffee and Kombucha Brooklyn are selling stylish and well-curated kits for the DIY enthusiast.

10 Best Craft Kits For Kids,  From sick days to snow days, help keep your kids from going stir-crazy this time of year. These all-in-one craft kits are chock-full of bright ideas to cure their cabin fever and provide lots of fun.

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